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Now more than ever, it is vitally important for us to rally our courage individually and globally, to create a vision which leads us through challenging times with insight and compassion. We aspire to radiate a positive social change locally, statewide, and across the world through our activities.

Over the past ten years, we have offered events and programs in Oregon, North America, Europe, and Asia. Based on an encouraging feasibility study, we are launching a fundraising effort designed to build a Peace Center in Eugene. Constructing this center will consolidate our efforts to inform, advance, and inspire hearts and minds.

If you wish to join us in our targeted fundraising effort to pay for our new construction costs, estimated at 3 million, please contact us directly to ask about our Capital Campaign at the number listed below. 



"We can never make peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves. This center will be a non-sectarian educational institution, dedicated to the promotion of universal values. I look forward to the fruition of this noble goal.

~The Dalai Lama

I make [a] sincere appeal to all the generous and kindhearted to help the center in every way possible for enabling them to fulfill this great wish.


~The 41st Sakya Trichen 

I want to acknowledge Rinpoche, a Buddhist Leader, working for peace like me. Rinpoche has the vision of establishing a Peace Center in Eugene sometime soon. I wish him all the best in his effort.


~Dr. Arun Ghandi

The activities of this organization directly promote and support the City of Eugene’s core values of honoring all people with a respect and appreciation for diversity, equity, justice, social well-being, and embracing common humanity as the source of our strength. I truly hope you will recognize the inclusive nature and emphasis of The Palmo Center’s activities and their ability to make Eugene a better place for all of our citizens.


~Mayor Lucy Vinis, City of Eugene

…we enthusiastically invite you to join us in supporting the Palmo Center for Peace and Education’s capital campaign. This Center will bring together people of all walks of life and create an environment that will promote intellectual curiosity and scientific inquiry, mindfulness training, basic human values such as compassion, kindness and forgiveness, environmental awareness, emotional balance and spiritual well-being for all.


~Cristopher Neill, Associate Professor, Institute of Neuroscience,

University of Oregon



"The Palmo Center for Peace and Education provides a venue for leaders, thinkers, and activities to meet and exchange ideas, build bridges between disciplines and schools of thought, and promotes the inner values of compassion and kindness, a positive relationship with our environment, and world peace. I urge your favorable consideration of this project."


~Former Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy


We have chosen to partner with the Palmo Center to offer cultural and educational opportunities that positively contribute to the peace and health of our world, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the years ahead. I invite you to join me In supporting the capital campaign Palmo Center for Peace and Education.” 

~ Brian Kelly Vice President of College Services, Lane Community College



From the perspective of a physician trained in Family Medicine and Medical Pain Management, every day I see a strong need for educating the heart as well as the mind. Please join me in supporting a truly international effort promoting health, peace and social resilience from the very beginning. Benefiting young and old alike, the time has come to claim our true inheritance with certainty and might.


~James R. Morris, MD



Any investment in the Palmo Center for Peace and Education will increase its capacity to support teachers, parents, and students. Education is the key to creating kind and compassionate human beings who may lead the next generation to a more peaceful world.


~Sharon Tabor, M.S. Ed, former Principal 

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