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Five-year Anniversary of Naljorma Jangchup Palmo's Passing

Dear friends, 

September 29th marks five years since (parinirvana) passing in this life of Rinpoches Mayum la, ( Holy Mother ) Naljorma Jangchub Palmo, A peace advocate, a hidden yogini, a spiritual mother, who is the inspiration, the guiding force, the basis and foundation of the work that we do at the Palmo Center for Peace and Education.

With our palms together, we make an aspiration that may all of you be as inspired by the dedication of her life for the benefit and happiness of all sentient beings and the splendor of her great demise; may all of you draw from her example of humility, courage, wisdom and compassion to work for the truth in these times; and we pray that she may continue to inspire and guide us in all of our life times until we reach enlightenment.

May all beings be happy, Palmo Center for Peace and Education Team.

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