We kindly request and invite you to become a contributing member of the Palmo Center for Peace & Education. The Palmo Center is a nonprofit organization that brought His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr. Arun Ghandi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi) and other world leading peace advocates to Eugene. The aspiration of the Palmo Center is to radiate a positive social change in Eugene, throughout the state of Oregon and across the world. With the inspiration, guidance and support from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, local government leaders, educational institutions and other community organizations, we are proud to provide an inspiring, inclusive environment for intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being for people of all origins and orientations.


The Center is currently operating out of Cottage Grove and is completely supported by donations and volunteers. Monthly contributions are essential, necessary and deeply appreciated. They cover the everyday expenses which include our mortgage, utilities, costs for visiting teachers, website maintenance, printing, postage, and supplies, local and international humanitarian aid among many other things. 


Since the inception of our center in 2013, over 15,000 people have participated and directly benefited through Palmo Center events and activities. We are asking you to please consider becoming a monthly contributing member. Please know that your support is necessary and deeply appreciated in creating a fully functioning center. No monthly contribution is too small or too large! 


If all of our subscribers were to contribute $5 every month (the cost of one cup of coffee) that would equate to $10,185 per month—making the long-envisioned dream of building Eugene’s only Peace center into a reality. 


We hope you recognize the value of supporting this noble endeavor. In doing so you will be directly helping us advance the principals of compassion, peace, and the preservation of our only home, planet earth. In addition, your kind act of giving will aid in the just cause of Tibet and its people, which are of peace, non-violence and threatened with extinction. 

Your membership will keep the lamp of peace burning brightly, touching the lives of a multitude of people, transforming the hearts and minds of many, offering a priceless gift to future generations and create a good feeling knowing that you are supporting a noble cause.



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