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We offer a wide range of activities in keeping with the spirit of universal ideas. Our activities fall into twelve broad categories:

  1. Teaching and seminars by renowned scholars and compassionate thought leaders
  2. The interdependent nature of peace, and the environment
  3. Mindfulness and Science
  4. Community Outreach; such as youth and family programs, mediation & conflict resolution, hospice care and spiritual works in prison. 
  5. Inter-religious Dialogue
  6. Classes and retreats on meditation and cultivation of emotional balance
  7. Publications
  8. Annual Eugene Peace Festivals; featuring music, culture and education
  9. Annual Week Long World Peace Prayer Gathering; Boom Tsok International 
  10. Integration of modern science and the world’s contemplative and philosophical traditions
  11. Seminars in the five sciences of art, health and well-being, communication, mind and logic and direct insight
  12. Preservation of the ancient and endangered wisdom culture of Tibet and humanitarian aid 

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