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Regardless of who we are, the heart of being human is to live in peace, happiness, and to be free from suffering. Everyone, from the most powerful world leaders to children in kindergarten, talk about peace.  Yet peace on a global scale seems elusive.  Who among us has time to think about it, much less work towards it, when we can-not even find peace in our own lives?  We all want it; but how do we achieve it?

The pressures of everyday life overwhelm us.  We’re busy with the demands of family and career. We need to pay the bills, keep our commitment to family, and often feel so split by the demands that none get the full attention they deserve.  Even the technologies that promised to make our lives simpler, and save us time, seem to have only made us busier.  For relief, we may turn to entertainment, sports, and even shopping, but these forms of relief are temporary.  It is only when we have inner peace that we can dream of world peace.

Understanding the global urgency for our community to realize His Holiness Dalai Lama’s vision of global peace and happiness, we at the Palmo Center for Peace and Education are inspired to do our part by building in our community, The Palmo Center for world peace.

This International Peace Center,will be non-sectarian educational center, modeled after the great ancient Nalanda University of India; a center of higher learning, which as early as the fifth century drew scholars and students from all over the ancient world. 

By building this center here in Eugene, Oregon, we are committed to educating the heart and the mind, by fostering compassion through creative learning, facilitating research and its application, and  connecting people and ideas.

We plan to invite prominent peace advocates and renowned scholars in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, mental health, philosophy, medicine, ecology and spirituality, to present seminars and lead workshops which focus on the cultivation of human values and genuine happiness through inner mental, emotional balance, and the physical preservation of the earth.

In addition, the center will offer wide range of activities in keeping with the spirit of universal ideas, that diverse methods can be used to promote the welfare, mutual understanding, and happiness of all.

The Palmo Peace Center, a community beacon for peace, is very aptly named in honor of a simple Tibetan woman of great wisdom. This gentle, unassuming woman and mother, who has lived a life of selfless giving, emulating His Holiness’ vision of compassion and kindness for all beings, has worked tirelessly on behalf of peace, dedicating her entire life to the betterment of humankind.

This International Peace Center, carrying the name of this extra-ordinary woman, will be one-of-a-kind.  The Palmo Peace Center will provide a learning environment that aims to cultivate mindfulness: the integration of mind, body and spirit. It will encourage a height-ened awareness within our inner potential through diverse practices of arts. This comprehensive approach integrates the insights and techniques of contemporary science with those of the world’s great contemplative and philosophical traditions.

It is our hope and highest aspiration that this planned center for peace serves as a means to further the vision and legacy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Venerable Naljorma Jangchup Palmo. May this center not only become a peace center for Eugene but for America and the world.

She is a key person responsible in bringing His Holiness the Dalai Lama to our community in Eugene, Oregon. Although currently facing significant challenges to her health, she continues to support the efforts of the Sakya Center and the establishment of the Peace Center.