Medicine Buddha Empowerment & Teachings (Buddha Who Heals The World)

//Medicine Buddha Empowerment & Teachings (Buddha Who Heals The World)
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Medicine Buddha Empowerment & Teachings Buddha Who Heals The World



“His Holiness Sakya Trichen is the king of Yogis” – His Holiness Dalai Lama.

We are deeply honored, blessed and joyful to announce the historic visit of His Holiness Sakya Trichen, one of the world’s preeminent Buddhist meditation master, in eminence second only to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

His Holiness is a great spiritual leader, master & scholar, author, a spokesman for peace, and an advocate of human values. During this most auspicious historic visit, His Holiness Sakya Trichen will bestow a profound Empowerment ceremony, teachings and a public talk. This is a rare, and precious opportunity not to be missed!

Born in Tibet in 1945, His Holiness Sakya Trichen is the 41st head of the Sakya Order of Tibetan Buddhism with its millions of students worldwide. He is considered to be an emanation of Manjushree (the Buddha of Wisdom) presently residing in Dehradun, Northern India.

Since exile from Tibet in 1959, he has worked tirelessly for the benefit and happiness of others by establishing over thirty monasteries, schools, hospitals and universities. His Holiness has been traveling and teaching widely in America, Europe, Australia and Asia and is renowned for the brilliance and clarity of his teachings, fluency and precise command of English.

In Tibet, people would travel weeks and months to be in His Holiness’s presence. Here we are so fortunate that he is coming to our door step. Simply to be in his presence transforms your mind, and communicates the essence, the spirit and heart of wisdom and compassion.

Medicine Buddha Empowerment & Teachings.

Medicine Buddha is an Extremely powerful Form of enlightened energy, directed at both healing and Spiritual development. This is specifically beneficial in today’s age where we are confronted with so much outer and inner suffering. This empowerment ceremony is a great blessing for good health, awakening the innate healing wisdom that lies within us all.

His Holiness will also give special instruction on how to do the meditation practices (Sadhana) to bring about healing the body and mind, gently transforming emotional states, helping us to deal with any situation clearly and directly. Ultimately, it promotes exceptional physical, mental and emotional well-being leading to freedom and bliss.

This special empowerment and meditation practice is open to anyone, especially those in the health and healing profession.


Empowerment/Teaching: 10am – 12pm

Break: 12pm – 2pm

Teaching: 2pm – 4pm