Eight verses of the Mind Training Retreat with Tulku Jigme Rinpoche

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Eight verses of the Mind Training Retreat with Tulku Jigme Rinpoche

Over the Oct 17/18 weekend, Tulku Jigme Rinpoche presented a two- day intensive retreat on the 8 Verse of the Mind Training, the classic Lojong text by Geshe Langri Tangpa, who lived from 1054 to 1123 CE.

The 8 Verse of the Mind Training practice involves refining and purifying one’s motivations and attitudes. Rinpoche, opened each day and teaching session after lunch, with a guided meditation that encouraged each participant to use their breath as a vehicle to relax, let go and calm the mind. These guided meditations created an atmosphere in the room of deep silence, spaciousness and healing.

Over the course two days we looked at pearl of wisdom buddhist psychology may offer to western psychology. The 8 Verses of Mind training are designed to awaken the heart and cultivate loving kindness and compassion towards others and more specifically it emphasized meeting the ordinary situations of life with intelligence and compassion under all circumstances.

Rinpoche unfolded each of the eight verses with clarity, humor, wisdom and compassion. His presentation was based on a deep examination of His Holiness Dalai Lama’s commentary on the 8 Verses of Mind Training, Shantideva’s Bodisatva Way of Life, Thogmey Sangpo 37 practices of Bodhisattva and many other classical text on lojong tradition ( attitude training )

Rinpoche’s unique style of teaching with his ability to attune these teachings to modern world, wove the traditional commentaries into an insightful exploration on how to train our mind to reverse our current habitual pattern of thinking only of ourself into thinking of others. Rinpoche’s teaching examples were contemporary, insightful, and offered clear directions with great relevance for our present time on how to use the 8 Verses in our daily lives of work, family and relationships, and ultimately, on the path of enlightenment.

Rinpoche ended with an illuminating explanation and guided mediation on the practice of Tonglen, the compassion practice of giving and receiving. Retreat participants left feeling inspired and confident to face the challenges that daily life brings..

Whatever positive force acquired from this retreat, we dedicated the merit for the happiness and well being of all sentient beings.

Thank you for all the volunteers for making this retreat possible.

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